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Lemon Blueberry Bread

This morning, for the second day in a row, we are making a loaf of this delightful bread. A few changes I have made for our family are as follows: We use organic sugar and the flour is a mixture of organic unbleached flour and whole wheat. And since the twins and I love blueberries, I may have added an extra half cup or so!


Another additional change we made was to add a teaspoon of the Wildtree’s Hearty Oatmeal blend to the top! With a bit of cinnamon and all spice, it makes the bread even more mouth watering delicious!



Emmy Cool Cat

Emmy Cool Cat

Today the twins asked to have their picnic lunch at the
park instead of the beach. Since it was too windy to go for
a paddle in the Harbor, I agreed.

To some, this may not seem like much, but to other
parents of a child with life threatening food allergies,
going to the park is a special treat for the twins and a
stressful occasion for me.

You see, I am always on the look out for what others are
eating and worried about what others who had been
there had been eating.

Why? Because when the twins were 18 months old,
we accidentally discovered that Miss Em had a life
threatening allergy with peanuts, tree nuts and sesame

When Eric had come home that August afternoon, he
made himself a peanut butter and jam sandwich and
came into our room where the twins and I were waking
up from a nap. Miss Em crawled over to get a hug from
daddy. He set his sandwich down to pick her up.
Within ten minutes, from just that minimal contact, she
was covered in hives and we were on our way to the

So a day at the park is really no day at the park
for us.

Wildtree Work

I am just a mom who likes to cook healthy meals with her girls and to help others eat healthy, too!


I believe that every parent that spends any amount of time in the NICU or PICU with a baby or a child, wonders when that day will come where they can be home with their baby/babies. For us, it was one year ago today. It has been an amazing year of being home with our Tater Tots. Emmy and Elsie our pride and joy who we seem to fall more in love with everyday. But a little over a year ago, I was scared, unsure of when this day would come or would it ever come. And it did come. By God’s grace and mercy, we were able to bring both our girls home. Granted, Emmy had almost a 10 day longer stay than her sister but we brought both of them home together. And I cannot imagine life without either. This past year, I have met some incredible mommies that have stories that have touched my heart deeply, the mommies who were pregnant with twins but sadly only brought one of the babies home. Those mommies are the ones that have the courage to go on each day and have my admiration and my sympathy.

THANK YOU!!! First Delivery

Thank you to who have supported The Spud and Tater Project made the first beanie delivery two weeks ago to UCSF. Over 170 beanies were given. In addition, beanies have been sent to:

Triplets born at 25.5 weeks in Washington

Twins born at 29 weeks in North Carolina

Baby boy born at 26 weeks in Oregon

Baby boy born at 32 weeks in Arkansas

Please keep the beanies, blankets and prayers coming. 1, 500 babies are born EVERYDAY early and with medical problems.

Almost to 100!

With about a month left till we make our first donation of beanies to UCSF, we are close to 100 beanies, with 5 being sent off to premmies. These premmies, twins born at 29 weeks, and triplets born at 25 weeks, are all doing well and on their way to going home with their parents. Thank you to all who have been spreading the word about the project!

Amost to 60!

With a little less than two months till we make our first delivery to UCSF, the project has collected almost 60 beanies! We have also sent out five to five little babies this last month. Twin boys who are the nephews of a college teammate of mine were born at 29 weeks. Another twin friend had a friend who delivered triplets at 25.5 weeks. Both sets of parents were happy to recieve an unepected gift!

There has also been interest in people learning to crochet and knit. If you are looking for something worthwhile to do these long winter nights, there are lots of free patterns online!

Thank you for all who are helping!